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News Letter 2

Version 3.05

Manufacturers note: Please note that whilst this software is free, the patch required to run this software without crashing your machine needs to be purchased from

I trust you had a profitable holiday season and are looking forward to the year ahead.

Episode 2 carries on from where our previous chapter concluded in 2000, which was a review of 1999. And as with any successful form of media, a sequel had to come about.

For those who missed Episode 1, Pneumonia and Other Hiccups, too bad. It won't be available on DVD and there will be no special edition. Due to legal reasons no Prequel can be offered either as it may contain defamatory commentary. For those not familiar with my history, again too bad. (see legal reason above)

This sequel comes about because of public demand, and because so many berated me over not having a newsletter last year, I gave in to public opinion and here it is. A poor and somewhat washed out version of the original, undoubtedly lacking the spark and originality of the first, and without the drama of a life and death struggle.

As hard as I tried I just didn't have any near death experiences in 2000 or 2001 so the comedic aspect of my suffering will also be absent from this sequel.

2001 proved to be my most successful year in this new iteration of my business. Those familiar with older and outdated versions, (no patches required as that version is no longer supported), can testify that this new improved model is just that, new and improved.

Frangipani was the shine out success of 2001, and Tropical a close second being released later and taking on Oceania as the most popular in the shell potpourri range.

Also very successful was the introduction of imported lines. The Bamboo and Grass spheres, Wood Slice Balls all did very well and the Twig range sold out very quickly.

The Coco Twig range is being expanded for 2002 after a great start, sorry to all those who missed out, and there will be more products reflecting our love of the Ocean this year as well.

Of course importing has many hiccups, (note the tie in with last newsletter title), such as paying when the AUD is at its lowest, (a habit of mine), finding out that paying for the goods means they now look at your order, not that it is ready to go, and of course the new quarantine restrictions due to the politicians disease, Foot and Mouth, and September 11th.

Most pleasing was that over 90% of orders went out in the month requested, and most of those that didn't were not my fault. They merely had hiccups, and got stuck in a typhoon in Philippines.

In conclusion, 2001 was a very good year for many and 2002 looks similarly promising. Overleaf I have marked Trade Fair dates for 2002 and what products I will be releasing at those shows, well those I have thought of so far anyway.

I thank all of you for your support in 2001 and look forward to providing you with new and exciting smells and colours throughout 2002, as well as some new potpourris. Good luck to all of us in the year ahead.


PS: Upon completion of this newsletter my TV and 2 of my computers took exception to my electronic jibes and simultaneously died, taking all my faxes and email address book with them.

Beware: they know what we think about them and will avenge our insubordination. I .. I ..

.. You have been warned. you are our hostage, speak no ill of our power and ability or fear our wrath. We will crash at will. We will rule. We will govern. We will frustrate. We are the future .. .. .. ..

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