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News Letter 3


Please note this is not an amusing half year Newsletter, or a Special Edition of the last Newsletter.

This is a serious document and should be read with Reverence and AWE.

And please read both sides, or at least give a cursory and courteous glance to the 2nd page. It's not its fault it couldn't fit on this side.

And the best news is always at the end anyway.

For 14 years I have been designing and hand blending the best potpourri available in Australia. And whilst it has nearly killed me at times, (please refer to 'Pneumonia and Other Hiccups' for more information), it is a pastime that I thoroughly enjoy. I look forward to each day, and each opportunity to design and create new colours, looks and styles in potpourri, that continue to lead the way, and which other companies find too irresistible to avoid imitating. Oh how they flatter me.


For the past few years I have been working from home and some limited off-site facilities. This will have all changed by the time you read this.

With additional staff to ensure faster delivery and lower lead times, I needed more room, or at least one room in the house I could live in.

So in late May we moved to new business premises, well really old premises actually, but at Sydney rental rates, well

We now have 5 times the manufacturing and packing space and 3 times the storage area, which means that my lung health and capacity has improved by a factor of 15, which in turn means we now have 225 times the zeal and enthusiasm to …so we can not only manufacture more product more quickly, but maintain higher stock levels to ensure all round better and faster service.

The other reason necessitating the move is our product expansion, from just potpourri, to locally made handmade décor, and adding many more imported products that complement our local designs. This means we can now offer so much more than just potpourri, such as tableware, home décor, objects de d'art, fragrant accessories, and much much more.

So as I enter my fifth year in this new iteration, it is time for a new slogan. (you mean you had one before??)

fractured flowers

Now so much more than simply the best potpourri.

Again a fluid link subtle segue to my next information section.


As usual I will be releasing many new potpourris, colours and fragrances. (New styles and forms of potpourri.) Does this belong here?


Special decorative feature flowers, pods, and pieces to enhance your customers' potpourri, or simply for a decorative effect.

New potpourris include country blends, nature blends, and of course new Christmas designs.

BUT aside from potpourri I will be showing several new ranges of local and imported handcrafts, designed by me for your customers.

Christmas Decorations

Stockings and tableware all featuring swarovski Swarovski™ crystals.

Coco Twig

New styles, sizes, GOLD & SILVER for Christmas, matching coasters, napkin rings, and candleholders.


Many new decorative and functional items, including, door curtains, garlands, and tableware.

Organza Bags

In beautiful prints like Burberry (I rather imagined it would be spelled Burbury) and Sunflowers.

In 8 sizes from soap sachets, potpourri bags, up to full size bottle bags and pillow and cushion covers.

Sandstone Paintings

Ready to hang, in several floral and garden scenery designs. HAND-PAINTED.

To receive our Christmas 2002 Price List, simply call 02-9669-5854, or even easier Email: and I will email you one right away.

I hope to see you at one or all of the shows we are doing this year, with so many new products for you to choose from, you will find that fractured flowers offers much more than simply the best potpourri.

But we WILL keep doing that as well.

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