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Lord of the Potpourri.

Episode 4.

(In the increasingly inappropriately named one -off newsletter)

Chapter 1: History

Once upon a time in a land not too far away there lived a handsome young man, (well these things never say okay looking guy do they), who was master of his craft, and his craft was making dead things smell nice. But this did not sound very enticing so they called it potpourri and came upon a catchy little name, fractured flowers, and his craft became known across the land. Although he struggled like all geniuses do, (yes more poetic license), his business slowly grew and people across the land came to love what he did and the word went out that fractured flowers was Naturally Better. Years past and as more people came to love what he crafted by hand he had to find help, and help was found. More help was added and more til his little abode was bursting at the seams with flowers and smells and people and boxes and placemats and wall hanging and shells and more and more...

Chapter 2: The year that passed by

During his fifth year the handsome young man, who never seemed to age, (I have photos to prove this part), found that wherever he walked he stumbled over flowers, and there was no where to sit or hide or even sleep, not even in the stable. So he went searching for more space because he knew Christmas would soon be upon him. His search was short-lived and he came upon a castle . (Actually it's a very old run down paint factory but everything shines like gold in fairytales). And so his wares and people moved to this new estate and lo more goods were found to fill the spaces. Not only were his hand crafted flowers that smelt like perfume very popular but goods and wares from across the sea, and from the sea, the masses adored, and those who traded with the masses needed more and more, and more was found, and rooms were filled. And Christmas was good and organised and those who traded with the masses were sent their wares, mostly on time and were happy with what they received and sold.

Chapter 3: One small problem

But amongst the good lurked evil, evil unlike any the handsome young man had seen. (Even after rigorous testing). One small item, innocent by sight, pleasant to view and wondrous, so popular and original, it became the talk of many. Beneath its innocent fašade lurked evil. (only under certain circumstances, only from one batch, and only a small percentage but one is enough for my conscience). This candle, from the urchin of the sea, was rumoured to be under Neptune's spell. The wick would burn bright and beautiful, then the shell would ignite. So easy to quell but this evil could not be allowed to spread no matter how few there under Neptune's' spell. All those that remain in the hands of the traders are to be returned to ensure no wickedness or witchcraft can strike. (please contact me the office for full credit). Such beauty yet such evil in one. (not me the sea urchin candle).

Chapter 4:Into the looking glass we peer

With the evil quelched the handsome young man looked forward over the holidays and planned and drew (okay so I can't really draw but I do nice word pictures for my staff to work from) and devised new ways to please the traders, and to entice others to try his wares. New colours and flowers were found, new fragrances were concocted, and new items of beauty and practicality were discovered here an across the sea. New shells and decorative pieces from the sea, new garlands of twigs and shells and flowers, new bags of organza and silk and rhine stones, tablewares of bamboo to complement the coco that is still so very much loved. New potpourri packs of nature, ocean, antiques, country and the outback to fill very large platters, natural and in winter warming colours. Giant poles of bamboo in colours and polished for vases and gardens. New balls and fruits and grasses to delight in twine and beads. Potpourri sachets, and pouches for the drawer in so many new styles, shapes and scents, using fruit, flowers and natives, with ribbons and fabrics to dazzle the eyes and senses. And Christmas comes early this year as fractured flowers unveil A brand new range of Christmas decorations for the store window and the home. In 3 medieval colour and style themes. From the kings court to you.

Chapter 5: New Contact Details

With the move to the new castle, you will need to alter your records to ensure those entrusted with messages of import will reach those for whom they are intended. To contact us with words of speech use 02-9564-5854. To use words of text use 02-9516-5145. To use words of pictures and attachments, our e-mail remains the same.

Chapter 6: Where we may be found.

In this year 2003 we are offering 3 chances to view all the goods and wares together so you may choose more easily those your masses will love, and to stop and talk with the young man from whose ink well spouts this text. (okay keyboard). In the month of St. valentine, from the 15th to the 18th day we will be at homebush bay, (Stand Number: DE38-42), in august we will be in the winter splendor of Melbourne, and then in September back to homebush bay. Between these times our agents can show you photographs and samples, and from February we leave the dark ages and join the future with

A site filled with colour and pictures and words to inspire, and not just on our wares and goods but hints, tips, and thoughts on moving pictures just seen, but not on politics or those who lead us.

And so I end this little scroll. I look forward to seeing your smiles soon.


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