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Desperate Store Lives

Previously on Desperate Store Lives

After surviving bronchial pneumonia, a vicious hailstorm, electrical dramas, serious themes and dramatic moves, staff losses and addictions, fairytale storylines and over the top epics, breaks ups, explosions, and deaths, now we bring you



We all go through so much in our lives, some go unnoticed, some are written about and some like sharing every detail. Some prefer to live their lives through others and wish their lives away in worlds of fantasy. We all dream, in our own way. Some people dream all night of abstract thoughts, visions, memories. Whether or not these dreams have meaning has been debated for millennia by philosophers, psychologists and psychiatrists. Do our dreams represent forbidden thought, sexual desire, regret, entertaining stories, an imagination running free, or a blend of all we think, feel, desire, of what has happened and is yet to occur. Are our dreams a reflection of our true self, or what we fear? Can they be a portal to other dimensions or realms, parallel existences as HP Lovecraft writes of. Whatever dreams are, for some they are an escape. For others a burden.

And just like that another year has gone. 2005 proved to be just as tough as 2004. And without wanting to dampen a post Christmas glow, this year looks like a tough year too with the public holding back so they can buy such treats as plasma screens, PS3, and petrol. And whilst all our Christmas nightmares almost came true, truth be told it was simply the pesky public giving us all a scare by waiting til the very end to go shopping. Trading may not be what dreams are made of but most that Iíve spoken with ended up with good figures, be that due to sales, or starvation. So either the bank balance got fatter or the body slimmer. Both have benefits. Me, I seem to be stuck in the middle. Bank balance the same and figure (should say bod, females have figures guys have bods) no better. Certainly not filling out the shirt as I do in my dreams. A bright light is far fewer plans for new shopping centres and expansions this year means the public dollar wont be spread even thinner. So I guess in 2005 only Frank Lowyís dreams came true, and whatís new. He probably charges them rent for taking up space in his cerebral cortex as well. Plus makes them refit every 2 cycles or out the door they must go, to be replaced by .... well there are always more who dream big.

Why do some people fly and others fall? Why do some dream in colour and others monotone. Some sense aromas, others only 2 dimensions. Why do some people only dream of things they know, while others never do. Some dream of the future or a therefore too unknown heritage. Itís comforting to know that dreams are something all people experience, even if not always remembered. And why are some so tactile they can be recalled and others simply drift with the breeze of waking. And of course not all dreams are unconscious, not all dreams are pleasant, and not all dreams are mere figments of fertile minds.

As usual I am dreaming big in 2006. With shells still our most popular range, either kilos, or pieces, but mainly in those funny round shapes whose descriptive name always causes giggles or raised perfectly plucked eyebrows, we are adding and adding more shells, and some very nice new hangings and clusters. The bubble spheres will be back by the time you get this, plus see the sale page over for specials on some of this range. But all up I have over 100 new shell products being released over the first half of this year. But please donít come and count them, I am sure you have better things to do during the show, like fight your way through the crowd to see us. And for the record, YES we were at Melbourne Trade Fair. I know many of you didnít see us. Either you were hungover, (it was Melbourne Trade Fair after all), didnít recognize the stand because we are not just scattered bowls of potpourri and some other smelly stuff now, or because for most of the show the stand was full to overflowing, Now be kind, I havenít put on that much weight and my chest doesnít take up that much room. (Dammit).

Some seem to confuse dreams and reality and others entwine them. Living their lives as one big dream, believing that all dreams can be achieved if you dream hard enough and forgetting what it takes, is needed, or even if itís possible. So many envisage goals but never ask if or why and even whether they should pursue them. Maybe being discontent with what one has, never feeling satisfied is why dreams drive so many to ruin, in search or the quest of attaining what should remain out of reach. Dreams can brighten up a life, not replace them. Unhappiness can manifest itself is so many ways it seems and dreams can appear an easy fix.

I am also getting bigger and smaller, (steroids have no part in this) with new larger room screens and dividers, ( I said no part), made so shelves can be slid through making them attractive screens and display units, and on the smaller scale, though higher ticket, (LISTEN. I DONíT TAKE STEROIDS. AND IF I DID THEY WOULDNíT MAKE ME ANGRY) we also have over 60 new designer jewellery pieces, ranging from $20 chunky necklaces to $400 pieces of art for the neck, made from semi precious stones and solid silver. (Yes my eyes are normally this yellow; now back off before I bounce you off the stand.) These designer jewellery pieces are very limited. I will only be having made around 48 of each piece and once sold out they will be gone.

In between and of a non-shell variety there will be the obligatory new fragrances and potpourris, in bright new season colours, some more variations on the brown theme, and some new Decorator Packs, plus some designs have been revitalised. (read, sold well but could be better, sort of like the last 3 Star Wars films.) Coffee has had an upgrade, dropping the duck blue and replaced with a soft gold and some new shells, terracotta now has larger balls, (so it definitely isnít on steroids) and shells, (are you detecting a theme yet), and Ö. Hmmm well I still have a few weeks to finalise the other new designs.

This morning the newsletter has taken a strange twist, and totally unlike what was in mind when I began a few paragraphs ago. Last night I had the perfect phrasing and anecdotes, sorted, sensible, but when I woke up and tried to put them onto paper, well into a digital format actually, I realized they simply couldnít be translated, and really didnít make sense. How strange it is that dreams that have perfect clarity and reason, when we think about them donít actually have any semblance to what we can actually understand and accept when awake. Shows how limited out ďrealĒ thought is. Oh well you just have to trust that what I was going to write was superb.

Itís all so easy to dream, to let your mind wander off what we are meant to be seeing. At night we can afford to let go of our inhibitions and conscious selves, let our imagination run loose. But what of the waking hours. Again, itís all too easy to be distracted from that we should be doing or thinking of. Like typing a newsletter while listening to the cricket in another room. The here and now is right there in front of your eyes, but part of your mind is watching what your ears can hear. Distraction. A conscious choice to allow oneself to be interrupted, to avoid doing what has to be done. So common, allowing little things, or easier tasks to overtake those we donít relish or even dread. But these distractions merely delay the inevitable, in fact they can make it all that much harder, and so more dreams are layered, upon the distraction. Delusion, illusion.

But back to 2006. We will be in Sydney in February, though its so late we might as well say March, Feb 25-28 Stand HK23, in Melbourne in 5-9 August, and for those viewers in Brisvegas and surrounds, or those who just want a junket, we are returning for another Hotel showing. Fade to flashback of....

We missed doing a showing in Qld in 2005 because Karen timed her pregnancy to get out of doing it. She now has a 6 month old girl and is enjoying motherhood SOOOOOOOOOOO much she has decided to stay home and not return to the road, just yet. And as most of you know by now the old tart (replace this with Julie Sixsmith prior to printing) has usurped her step daughter as wicked stepmothers are wont, and is once again flaunting herself to my customers. (re write this with a more positive spin)

So in 2006 we will be back at the hotel above the trade fair, with Juliesí other agencies, and several other companies, all together, hopefully on the same floor for a very relaxing viewing. You can do the now traditional room crawl, sampling the food and wine and hopefully products in each of the half dozen rooms we will have.

Some suffer illusions of grandeur, other delusions of empires, and still others live their lives in a world of fantasy. Now fanstasy has its place, and we should indulge those whims at times, fantasies of wealth, power, or lust, but some lives are filled with fantasy and rule over their master. These can take many forms and be so real they donít even get thought of fantasy, but as dreams or goals. They can overwhelm and usurp rational thought. Why do some people fall under their spell? There are probably many reasons, to help ease stress, avoid tensions, or to delude themselves things arenít as bad as they really or, or to simply help avoid some situations altogether. At times it can be hard to separate fantasy from goals, from dreams. To see past the delusions we construct and find the reality we need to confront. Dreams can help and hinder as we search for what we really want and how best to achieve it.

Whilst 2006 does not look like a year to fulfill big ambitions it is year that will allow us all to consolidate what we have worked hard to achieve. A year where hard work will be rewarded, where frugality is key, but also a year that can solidify good foundations for better years ahead. It may not be a year to grow, to dream too big, or be too fanciful with our ideas. A chance for stability, to find our niches, and to identify our strengths. A year for focus, not distraction, for working together, and where some dreams simply cannot be contemplated let alone pursued. But we have all have many dreams and I believe this is a time where we must look at each of them and choose those we REALLY can achieve with hard work, and not blind faith or hope.

And whilst dreams have their place, we cannot afford to abandon reality for them. Dreams can distract us from what we must do, what is needed. We can strive to fulfill our dreams, but not at the cost of ignoring what must be done to improve our reality. For its only through achieving the best we can now, that we have any hope of fulfilling our promise and full potential, and surely that is what we all dream to do.

In short 2006 will be a year where working with what we know will be our greatest strength. Where distractions can lead us painfully astray, while those whose attention is not divided will prosper. A year where dreams can still come true. Not all of them, but maybe the more deserving, nourishing, and emotionally rewarding. The personal dreams, those that bring happiness to others, those are the flights of fantasy I think this year will be for. I can only hope.

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